Toddler Swimming Lessons at Little Splashes starts to introduce more movements in the water. This helps create synapses involved in balancing. For example, we will introduce them walking, running and jumping around and within the pool area.

They will also begin to learn cause and effect together with the learnt associated words. Toddlers would also understand spatial relationships and allow better hand-eye coordination. Using songs and communication will help strengthens the synaptic connection in the frontal lobes, the part that is responsible for memory. Communicating will help not only aid in developing language skills, it also builds auditory skills.

In toddler age, they are able to move and control their movements better on land. Every though she has can be executed into movement which strengthens the associated neuronal connections.

At the age of 2, they will learn more sophisticated thoughts, feelings and ideas that are beyond their ability to communicate them to others. Through our program, we are able to address and acknowledge their emotions when they are doing the activities. Overtime, they will learn how to express themselves and communicate with respective caregiver.

Toddler Level 1


For toddler 19 to 23 months old

Our Big Angel Fish learn through an intermediate water movement based program, where through play and experience they develop on their psychomotor skills with the discovery of self, problem-solving & emotional interaction.

Toddler Level 2


For toddler 24 to 36 months old

Our Puffer Fish learn through a routine circuit based program, where through instructions and direction they develop extensively on their psychomotor skills and water independence, with problem-solving skills via interaction & self-awareness.

Toddler Level 2 Advance


For toddler 24 to 36 months old

Our Advanced Turtles learn through an advanced circuit and safety swim program, focusing on arm & water movement to develop extensively on their self-confidence and water independence, with a focus on emotional development and character building.

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Class Information

Each swimming session at Little Splashes has a duration of 30 minutes, with segments of play, aquatic practice and safety swim techniques. Our ‘Play, Splash & Learn’ approach is consistent with all the infant, toddler and children swim programmes, which aims to instil water confidence and water safety through fun and play. Toddler swimming lessons are conducted in a ratio of 1 teacher: 5 students. There is a 2 Layer Diaper Policy for children that are not toilet-trained.

Duration of 30 minutes per class

"Play, Splash & Learn" Approach

Class Ratio 1 teacher to 5 students

Play, aquatic practice & safety swim techniques

Instil water confidence & water safety

2 Layer Diaper Policy For Non-Toilet Trained Children

Diaper Policy


It is mandatory for them to wear the following 2 layers:

Layer 1

Disposable swim diaper
[Compulsory first layer]

This layer will absorb only a substantial amount of urine or (wet) faeces

Layer 2

Reusable swim diaper
[Compulsory second layer]

This layer will assist to catch or prevent any leakage from the disposable layer